International Journal of Educational Technology – ISSN 2476-0730

Call for Papers

Published by the International Society for Educational Technology, The International Journal of Educational Technology (ISSN 2476-0730) is for professors, teachers, developers, researchers, administrators, teacher educators, corporate trainers, and technology coordinators representing all disciplines and levels of education and learning.

The International Journal of Educational Technology (IJET) continually reviews article submissions throughout the year. At the moment, we are reviewing articles for the August, 2017 issue. The deadline for article submission is June 1, 2017.

IJET is published online twice each year and is available without an access charge.

IJET is an international refereed journal in the field of educational technology.

The journal is of interest to academics, students, practitioners, and educational leaders who wish to keep abreast of scholarship, theory-building, evaluation and empirical research in areas where educational instruction is offered through computer-based technologies.

The International Journal of Educational Technology welcomes contributions from scholars, practitioners, and policymakers.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • The subject matter should be concerned with theory and/or practice within the area of computer-based educational technologies.
  • All articles must be in English. The preferred spelling to be used for papers submitted to the journal is provided by Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. If a word is not in Webster’s Collegiate, authors should consult the more comprehensive Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. However, in the spirit of an international journal, IJET will support both U.K. and U.S. English spellings.
  • Unless a numbering system (1.1, 1.2, etc.) adds significantly to the comprehension of the paper, it should not be used. However, authors should indicate heading hierarchy either by a different font size or by making clear in some other way the hierarchy of headings. Headings should be in bold type.
  • Unpublished material that is not readily available to readers of the journal should not be cited. However, we encourage you to include hyperlinks to any Web-based materials.
    Acknowledgements should be included under a separate heading before the list of references, which comes at the end of the paper in alphabetical order.
  • Footnotes and endnotes may be included but should be hyperlinked to from its reference in the main body of the text.
  • Authors should use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for reference and citations format.
  • If IJET accepts your paper for publication, you will be sent a form that you will need to sign and return to the IJET editors that will confirm that you:
    • Permit the IJET editorial staff to edit your article in accordance to the IJET style and format
    • Assign the copyright of your article to IJET
    • Agree that your accepted publication is original and has not been accepted or published elsewhere

Submission Guidelines

  • The length of the paper should be between 2,500 and 4,000 words. Book and software reviews should be approximately 1000 words or less.
  • Papers should begin with an abstract of 200 words or less. Book and software reviews do not require an abstract.
  • All submissions will be reviewed anonymously. Any references that identify the author in the text must therefore be deleted from the paper for review purposes. The anonymous paper should then be submitted as an email attachment. Author/paper identification information should be placed in the email message accompanying the attached file. In the case of postal submissions, submit author information in a separate envelope within the postal mailing. Required author/paper identification information includes:
    • Email addresses of all authors
    • Postal addresses
    • Affiliation(s)
    • Submission title
    • Abstract (Note: Abstract should appear with the paper itself and in the author/paper identification information.)
  • All text will be published on a single html Web page (no frames) with figures and photographs in either gif or jpeg format linked to the page. Therefore, papers should be submitted as a single html Web page (no frames) with figures and photographs in either gif or jpeg format linked to the page. For submission, use a White background color (#FFFFFF) and standard text colors (Black for the text and Blue for hyperlinks). If your article is accepted for publication, the article will be transferred into the IJET template by the IJET editorial staff for publication. Alternative formats, however, will be considered if both authors and editors consider that an alternative format would enhance the message of the article.
  • Papers may be submitted either by e-mail (with the html page of text and figures / photographs as e-mail attachments) OR by postal mail as a hardcopy accompanied by an electronic copy on a floppy disk. Addresses appear below.
  • Given the eccentricities associated with email and postal mail systems, authors should not consider their paper(s) officially submitted until receiving a confirmation from an IJET editorial staff member. The letter will acknowledge the receipt of the paper and any accompanying items as well as provide an IJET submission number by which the paper and accompanying items will be referred in future correspondence.
  • Please e-mail articles to